1702 Sauna Oasis on a Saturday for once

Well, what a suprise that was …. I normally always go Sauna Oasis on Sunday, believing this was the only day that there was enough people to have FFun. I normally had planned also for this weekend, but last minute I was asked to work on Sunday for Darklands, which I of course could not refuse. But as it was already 2 weeks I did not had any FFun due to medcheck and work, I could not wait and decided friday to go there on Saturday, to relax and have perhaps some fun… How wrong can you be

So as always, I was there very early at 12h30 so I could calmy clean out and discover the premise. The cleaning out went smooth but took longer then normal. I did not watch my 24hours before what I ate, as this was a last-minute switch. So it took me over 2 hours to get completely clean ..; But did I in the mean time had no fun? Au contraire … i took a cobra 130 as soon as I came in, so after an hour, my cock was in full erection and this drew the first crowd ..; i know I have a ‘nice long and certainly thick’ cock, and the PA is the cherish on the cake … So a lot of sucking, feeling and jacking … But it shows that a PA is still somewhat ‘special’, as one guy was very busy with my cock untill he saw my PA. he looked at me and quickly left …

I think some of the others recognised me too because there was also some premature assplay, and I had to tell at least 3 of them that I was still cleaning out so they had to wait …. And they did.

So when I finally was clean, I got my crisco out and had some nice assplay … Took some hands in the hamam as always, even did a show with being fisted to a cvery shy guy (but very toned) nice guy who came while looking at my assplay, I followed a couple into the cabines who gave hands one after the other. This was around 15h and I came for a first time that day, with hand in my ass. One of the two also came very loudly and heavy breathing, sure he enjoyed our play.

I normally end playing after coming, but I was still so horny, I could not leave yet. So I took a well-deserved break in the bar and then went for round 2. And to my surprise, more and more young guys came in the sauna … I took some more fists (one guy even came back to fist me again, he was amazed how my ass opened up), and came a second time around 17h, again with a nice hand in my ass.

That was it, my legs were becoming wobly and certainly I could not go for round 3, remembering I had to work the next day. Still a lot of guys were coming in, so I will certainly come back on Saturday, but perhaps later then today.


  • number of fucked: 0
  • number of being fucked: 3
  • number of being sucked: a lot
  • number of fisted others: 0
  • number of fists received: 6
  • supplies: Cobra 130 and poppers
  • to remember: couple fisting me one after the other

1401 Quality above quantity in the Stammbar

So, since a couple of weeks I am visiting regularly the Stammbar in Brussels on Sunday afternoon. They organise a naked party there at that moment. Ideal as it starts at 15h and ends around 19h. Easy to go home afterwards and be fresh the next morning.

So this sunday the 14th was the first Naked only party (other sundays it is naked or underwear). As always, I was there around 15h to make sure not to miss a minute of action. I had cleaned out at home, watch my food in the last 24hours so I was sure this was going to be a blast ….

To my surprise, there was not a lot of people, not even half the crowd that was there on previous parties. So i was fearing that this would be a miss … So in the beginning as always, my cock got all the attention… A lot of hands and mouths that gave me a lot of pleasure. In between all this sucking, i checked my ass on the toilet and after two more rounds of cleaning, i was ready … So out comes the crisco and my bracelets, and I went hunting. To my luck, very quickly I had somebody who took me in a cabin, and who played with my nipples. And after that, very easily opened up my ass with his hand …

After that session and some fooling around with cocks and kisses, there was another one, who seemed not so experienced …. But a good session ‘en plein public’. And at the end he said ‘your ass is amazing, never seen such a thing’. And to demonstrate that, he came two times back to fist me again.

So even with that small public, I got fisted 7 times by persons. And to end it all, around  17h with the last fist (of the 3 the same person) I suddenly felt my balls getting in action, and I was so lucky that with a couple of strokes, I came in the middle of everybody with a nice fist in my ass. Speaking of a happy end. After that, I got dressed and went home ….

0501 Re-discovering TheBoots (Antwerp) and the depths of my ass 😉

05/01 Re-discovering TheBoots (Antwerp) & my pigdom

As it was a long time ago that I visited theBoots in Antwerp (thank you covid), there was now a chance to go back to Antwerp and rediscover this place. A fistbuddy of mine, JF, has never been there and was curious about it. So what better then the FFnight in TheBoots on the 05th to go together and have some Fun. As it turned out, I had a Darklands meeting on the 6th in Antwerp so the combination was ideal.

We checked in at the Ibis at Central Station and made all the preparations. My ass was feeling already fine (given it was only 4 days since the sauna) so we were well on our way for the open doors at 22h30.

I knew that there was a reception going on for the new owner of theBoots, but this was not really our goal of the evening so we skipped that and made sure to be there at 22h30 when it opened.

After paying the fee, we quickly changed in our outfit of the evening. My harness, boots and red socks and a small sports short so I could easily remove it ‘when needed’. I think 5minutes and the short was already gone and went naked the whole night so there really was easy access.

We quickly moved upstairs where there was a lot of people at the reception, but not that much in the play areas. I took my time to do the final cleanouts and the needed supplies, and then a full night of FFun started. JF and me played to start with, and my ass was really feeling “mushi” again and blossoming (so they told me). And then the FF and nipple play continued. In the different slings, in the corridor and even at the bar … And man, How did I enjoyed all the different hands in my ass, on my cock and nipples …had a great nipple play with a nice master in the corridor that continued in the bar and was alternated with his ‘really big’ fist in my ass. And the compliments on my body, cock and ass all night long were heartwarming, it really does get me crazy to know that this body (in my eyes just normal) gets others crazy and wanting me.

Around 03h people started to leave but we were still flying, so we took to the sling at the top and fisted each other again there …. Again till we saw stars … Unfortunately at 03h36 the lights come on so time to leave and get some well-deserved sleep in the hotel ….. To be repeated as soon as possible.


  • number of fucked: 0
  • number of being fucked:  (i think)
  • number of being sucked: a lot
  • number of fisted others: 3
  • number of fists received: at least 10
  • supplies: G, Kama and poppers
  • to remember: great nippleplay, fisted in the bar

01/01 Starting the new year with a FFistfull of FFun in sauna Oasis

So, 2024 has started and already had some great fun in Sauna Oasis. Not sure if there would be a lot of people on this Monday, but the itching urge to get horny and fisted drove me to Brussels on the 01st of January.

Was there around 12h00 and it showed indeed slow, not a lot of people. So took the opportunity for some sweating in the sauna, alternating with the hamam and cleaning out. While doing this, it was mostly my cock that got a lot of attention …. one hand after one mouth, some good fucking and trying …. And got nicely fucked in full public by a nice bear, unfortunately with a micropenis …. So after 5 minutes I gave up as it did not work out ..

But as soon as I got my crisco out, hands replaced cocks. Especially in the hamam, I got lots of attention … And around 15h the crowd starting coming … Got a lot of attention and nice remarks …. And even my nipples got well threatened … With the climax around 16h30 when a nice build guy fisted me in the dark part of the hamam with his huge, very huge hands …. I felt my ass being split in two, really long time ago that this happened. Being the powerbottom, I withdraw the first times but by the third time, I piled myself down on him after enough poppers. And when then the next one entered, I felt my balls emptying so I had to cum. And this time with a hand inside me, also long time ago. Needless to say that I needed some minutes to recuperate …. But all in all when I left the sauna at 17h30, I was well done and a great start of 2024.


  • number of fucks: 1
  • number of being fucked: 2
  • number of being sucked: no idea, a lot
  • number of hands 8/9
  • supplies: poppers & Kamagra

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