So, 2024 has started and already had some great fun in Sauna Oasis. Not sure if there would be a lot of people on this Monday, but the itching urge to get horny and fisted drove me to Brussels on the 01st of January.

Was there around 12h00 and it showed indeed slow, not a lot of people. So took the opportunity for some sweating in the sauna, alternating with the hamam and cleaning out. While doing this, it was mostly my cock that got a lot of attention …. one hand after one mouth, some good fucking and trying …. And got nicely fucked in full public by a nice bear, unfortunately with a micropenis …. So after 5 minutes I gave up as it did not work out ..

But as soon as I got my crisco out, hands replaced cocks. Especially in the hamam, I got lots of attention … And around 15h the crowd starting coming … Got a lot of attention and nice remarks …. And even my nipples got well threatened … With the climax around 16h30 when a nice build guy fisted me in the dark part of the hamam with his huge, very huge hands …. I felt my ass being split in two, really long time ago that this happened. Being the powerbottom, I withdraw the first times but by the third time, I piled myself down on him after enough poppers. And when then the next one entered, I felt my balls emptying so I had to cum. And this time with a hand inside me, also long time ago. Needless to say that I needed some minutes to recuperate …. But all in all when I left the sauna at 17h30, I was well done and a great start of 2024.


  • number of fucks: 1
  • number of being fucked: 2
  • number of being sucked: no idea, a lot
  • number of hands 8/9
  • supplies: poppers & Kamagra