05/01 Re-discovering TheBoots (Antwerp) & my pigdom

As it was a long time ago that I visited theBoots in Antwerp (thank you covid), there was now a chance to go back to Antwerp and rediscover this place. A fistbuddy of mine, JF, has never been there and was curious about it. So what better then the FFnight in TheBoots on the 05th to go together and have some Fun. As it turned out, I had a Darklands meeting on the 6th in Antwerp so the combination was ideal.

We checked in at the Ibis at Central Station and made all the preparations. My ass was feeling already fine (given it was only 4 days since the sauna) so we were well on our way for the open doors at 22h30.

I knew that there was a reception going on for the new owner of theBoots, but this was not really our goal of the evening so we skipped that and made sure to be there at 22h30 when it opened.

After paying the fee, we quickly changed in our outfit of the evening. My harness, boots and red socks and a small sports short so I could easily remove it ‘when needed’. I think 5minutes and the short was already gone and went naked the whole night so there really was easy access.

We quickly moved upstairs where there was a lot of people at the reception, but not that much in the play areas. I took my time to do the final cleanouts and the needed supplies, and then a full night of FFun started. JF and me played to start with, and my ass was really feeling “mushi” again and blossoming (so they told me). And then the FF and nipple play continued. In the different slings, in the corridor and even at the bar … And man, How did I enjoyed all the different hands in my ass, on my cock and nipples …had a great nipple play with a nice master in the corridor that continued in the bar and was alternated with his ‘really big’ fist in my ass. And the compliments on my body, cock and ass all night long were heartwarming, it really does get me crazy to know that this body (in my eyes just normal) gets others crazy and wanting me.

Around 03h people started to leave but we were still flying, so we took to the sling at the top and fisted each other again there …. Again till we saw stars … Unfortunately at 03h36 the lights come on so time to leave and get some well-deserved sleep in the hotel ….. To be repeated as soon as possible.


  • number of fucked: 0
  • number of being fucked:  (i think)
  • number of being sucked: a lot
  • number of fisted others: 3
  • number of fists received: at least 10
  • supplies: G, Kama and poppers
  • to remember: great nippleplay, fisted in the bar