So, since a couple of weeks I am visiting regularly the Stammbar in Brussels on Sunday afternoon. They organise a naked party there at that moment. Ideal as it starts at 15h and ends around 19h. Easy to go home afterwards and be fresh the next morning.

So this sunday the 14th was the first Naked only party (other sundays it is naked or underwear). As always, I was there around 15h to make sure not to miss a minute of action. I had cleaned out at home, watch my food in the last 24hours so I was sure this was going to be a blast ….

To my surprise, there was not a lot of people, not even half the crowd that was there on previous parties. So i was fearing that this would be a miss … So in the beginning as always, my cock got all the attention… A lot of hands and mouths that gave me a lot of pleasure. In between all this sucking, i checked my ass on the toilet and after two more rounds of cleaning, i was ready … So out comes the crisco and my bracelets, and I went hunting. To my luck, very quickly I had somebody who took me in a cabin, and who played with my nipples. And after that, very easily opened up my ass with his hand …

After that session and some fooling around with cocks and kisses, there was another one, who seemed not so experienced …. But a good session ‘en plein public’. And at the end he said ‘your ass is amazing, never seen such a thing’. And to demonstrate that, he came two times back to fist me again.

So even with that small public, I got fisted 7 times by persons. And to end it all, around┬á 17h with the last fist (of the 3 the same person) I suddenly felt my balls getting in action, and I was so lucky that with a couple of strokes, I came in the middle of everybody with a nice fist in my ass. Speaking of a happy end. After that, I got dressed and went home ….