Well, what a suprise that was …. I normally always go Sauna Oasis on Sunday, believing this was the only day that there was enough people to have FFun. I normally had planned also for this weekend, but last minute I was asked to work on Sunday for Darklands, which I of course could not refuse. But as it was already 2 weeks I did not had any FFun due to medcheck and work, I could not wait and decided friday to go there on Saturday, to relax and have perhaps some fun… How wrong can you be

So as always, I was there very early at 12h30 so I could calmy clean out and discover the premise. The cleaning out went smooth but took longer then normal. I did not watch my 24hours before what I ate, as this was a last-minute switch. So it took me over 2 hours to get completely clean ..; But did I in the mean time had no fun? Au contraire … i took a cobra 130 as soon as I came in, so after an hour, my cock was in full erection and this drew the first crowd ..; i know I have a ‘nice long and certainly thick’ cock, and the PA is the cherish on the cake … So a lot of sucking, feeling and jacking … But it shows that a PA is still somewhat ‘special’, as one guy was very busy with my cock untill he saw my PA. he looked at me and quickly left …

I think some of the others recognised me too because there was also some premature assplay, and I had to tell at least 3 of them that I was still cleaning out so they had to wait …. And they did.

So when I finally was clean, I got my crisco out and had some nice assplay … Took some hands in the hamam as always, even did a show with being fisted to a cvery shy guy (but very toned) nice guy who came while looking at my assplay, I followed a couple into the cabines who gave hands one after the other. This was around 15h and I came for a first time that day, with hand in my ass. One of the two also came very loudly and heavy breathing, sure he enjoyed our play.

I normally end playing after coming, but I was still so horny, I could not leave yet. So I took a well-deserved break in the bar and then went for round 2. And to my surprise, more and more young guys came in the sauna … I took some more fists (one guy even came back to fist me again, he was amazed how my ass opened up), and came a second time around 17h, again with a nice hand in my ass.

That was it, my legs were becoming wobly and certainly I could not go for round 3, remembering I had to work the next day. Still a lot of guys were coming in, so I will certainly come back on Saturday, but perhaps later then today.


  • number of fucked: 0
  • number of being fucked: 3
  • number of being sucked: a lot
  • number of fisted others: 0
  • number of fists received: 6
  • supplies: Cobra 130 and poppers
  • to remember: couple fisting me one after the other